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GRP Restoration and Protection

GRP Restoration and Protection

Is your gel coat dusty/Chalky faded and scuffed or marked?






Marine Coatings provide a solution and long term protection

What causes the discolouration and fading of the hull?

The protective clear coat on the surface degrades and exposes the base material below, dulling the look and creating the chalking effect you see in the photos.  

Our GRP & Gel coat restoration coating will restore the colour and lustre of your GRP and Gel coat surfaces and provide high levels of protection for many years.

This unique blend of polymers combined with added UV protection will protect the surface from:​

  • UV Degradation

  • Salt air

  • Oxidation

  • Bleaches

  • Acids

  • Bird Droppings

As an added bonus, the coating is hydrophobic, which will cause water to bead on the surface and run off easily. this makes the surface much easier to clean and the hull move more efficiently through the water.

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