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Protect your wheels with WHEEL GUARD


Brake dust is highly corrosive and is the single most destructive contaminant that plagues your vehicle's wheels. Road salts can also corrode and pit metal wheels.

Brake dust is a fine powder residue created from the brake rotor wearing away the brake lining. The pads contain carbon fibres, metal filings and an acidic adhesive. It is very sticky and collects in every nook and cranny of the wheel. If allowed to sit on your wheels, the highly corrosive brake dust can pit the metal.

Brake dust leaves gummy deposits that are hard to remove. Be wary of highly acidic cleaners because they can damage the finish on your wheels.


When cleaning wheels, start with the least aggressive method of cleaning, soap and water. If they need a tougher cleaner, Restore Wheel Cleaner is a cleaner that works to remove tough grime and brake dust. Paint it On - Let it Work - Rinse it Off.

Protect your wheels from corrosion and oxidation and keep them looking great with WHEEL GUARD

  • WHEEL GUARD is NOT a wax but is a Tough, Clear Protective Coating that will protect your aluminium, chrome or alloy wheels from corrosion and oxidation. Seals and protects Stainless Steel and Anodised Aluminium too.

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