Lint free applicator cloth Everbrite coatings UK x 5
Microfiber Cloth Everbrite coatings UK x5

Super Soft quilted lint free applicator cloths

Lint free cloths are manufactured from the best quality polyester and are pieces of fabric that do not leave any residue or fluff on a clean smooth surface when used for cleaning. Lint free fabrics are the best when cleaning or coating surfaces as they are non-abrasive and the finish is appealing.


Microfiber Cloths

Microfiber cloths have increased softness, absorbency, filtering ability, durability and even an increased ability to repel water.

For cleaning purposes, our microfiber cloths can hold an enormous amount of water. They can absorb dirt and oil, but are soft that they won't scratch or damage surfaces unless dirty.
They can be purchased individually or in multi packs.