Providing high level

restoration & protection

on marine craft

 EVERBRITE Marine coating is formulated with ground breaking technologies. They are much more resistant to the element encountered in a marine environment. We have taken our already resistant coatings to the next level. They contain the usual salt and uv protection but with the addition of silver ion technology they also inhibit the growth of bacteria. Our technicians in the UK have successfully combined Everbrite coatings with silver ion antimicrobial protection technology. The result is a high performance coating that is still flexible yet more resistant to scratches measuring H8 on the pencil scale for scratch resistant where granite is H6 and Quartz is H7 that also provides protection against Algae, mold and moss growth.



Algae represent a large group of different organisms from different phylogenetic groups, representing many taxonomic divisions. In general, algae can be referred to as plant-like organisms that are usually photosynthetic, but do not have true roots, stems, leaves, or vascular tissue, and have simple reproductive structures. They are distributed worldwide in the sea, in freshwater, and in moist areas on land. Most are microscopic, but some are quite large, such as some marine seaweeds that can exceed 50m in length.

Algae have chlorophyll and can manufacture their own food sustenance through the process of photosynthesis. Algae are just about everywhere on earth: in the sea, in rivers and lakes, on soils and walls, in animals and plants in fact just about everywhere.


In our daily life, algae which cause stains can be found on the exterior paint wall, for example.  EVERBRITE Marine products are used to combat Algae.

GRP and Gel-Coat restoration and Protection

Aluminium Mast restoration and Protection

Complete hull

restoration and Protection

All above deck Metal restoration and Protection

Scientific Boat Wash

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Aluminium Window Frame

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