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Stop polishing! Keep it right! Keep it!

Tarnish is corrosion that occurs over copper and brass surfaces. It appears as a dull, grey or black coating over the metals. Patina can occur on external surfaces.
Our protection kits will encapsulate your desired look indefinitely and keep it maintenance free.

                coatings provide high levels of UV protection and anti-oxidant’s to prevent fade and corrosion. It also prevents against tarnish and oxidation. The protective coating can refinish faded and dull surfaces to look like new again and protect them against sun fading, salt air corrosion, acid rain, tarnishing, moisture and other damaging elements for years. The coating will remain flexible so it will not chip, crack or peel. It will not discolour or yellow with exposure or heat.

Copper weather vanes, cupolas, finials and gutters are such beautiful accents to your property. You love the warm glow of the metal on your home. But, how do you keep the copper from tarnishing and turning brown for years before the patina finally turns green? Taking your weather-vane or copper gutters down and polishing over and over is impractical.

Interior Copper will also add warm accents to your home but soon will turn to a dull brown color unless you seal and protect it. Copper Back-splashes, Copper Counters, Copper Hoods, Copper Sinks all look great when they are new but will soon lose their luster unless protected. Constant polishing is just not practical. Fingerprints and waterspots can instantly ruin the look of your beautiful copper.

ProtectaClear is an easy to apply, tough, clear protective coating used for copper that gets a lot of handling that will keep your looking like you just finished polishing it. ProtectaClear is great for copper like lamps, copper hardware, copper knick-knacks, copper bowls, copper jewelry and more.

Everbrite is also easy to apply, self leveling clear protective coating that will keep exterior copper or architectural copper from tarnishing. Everbrite has extra U.V. protection for copper roofs, copper gutters, copper cupolas, copper garden art and countless other copper items.

For exterior copper that gets a lot of handling, ProtectaClear is recommended because it is tougher and more scratch resistant.

"Here is a picture of the 127 year old, Church Directory with the copper and brass restored. Made possible with Everbrite products."

Joe Wharton

"Here is a picture of the 127 year old, Church Directory with the copper and brass restored. Made possible with Everbrite products."

Joe Wharton


Scott Thompson sent us this picture of his copper penny floor coated with ProtectaClear to prevent tarnish and keep the floor easier to clean.  It took 8800 pennies to cover the bathroom floor!  Thanks Scott. 

Thank you for bringing us ProtectaClear to keep my copper stills from tarnishing"

"Here are some other things I build called parrots beak. They are for measure in product strength. A hydrometer sets in the large tube and measures the strength of the alcohol. Your product is awesome. Thanks again,"

Mike Haney Hillbilly Stills

"Hi, this is Mike Haney, owner of Hillbilly Stills. I make all copper stills and I love your products. My customers rave about the finish. It amazes me at how easy ProtectaClear is to use and how it looks so smooth.

Copper & Brass

Patina or Textured Finish

Copper & Brass

Polished Mirror


HD Gel Copper cleaner Everbrite UK


Copper and Brass Cleaner

Everbrite™ HD Gel Copper Cleaner. Environmentally Friendly, Heavy Duty Copper Cleaner. Use on Copper Roofs, Copper Gutters, Copper Hoods, Fireplaces & other copper that is difficult to clean. 

Everbrite™ HD Gel Copper Cleaner is a unique solution which has been blended specifically to remove tarnish and oxides from copper based metals.  This is the cleaner only, this Gel does not keep copper shiny.  You will need Everbrite or ProtectaClear Coating to keep the metal shiny and prevent further tarnish. 

Everbrite™ HD Gel will cling on copper roofs, copper walls or other copper preventing run-off.

Everbrite™ HD Gel Copper Cleaner is strong enough to restore tarnished and stained copper back to it's original copper shine - but is also environmentally safe as well - non-toxic, non-hazardous - it will not harm shrubs or plants in flower beds!

Just paint on Everbrite HD Gel and let it work. Comes in a wide mouth jar for easy access. Scrub surface clean. Wash off with water. 

Everbrite™ HD Gel is an acid based cleaner that needs to be neutralised with Prep 505 before coating with Everbrite™ Coating.

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