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Everbrite restores colour and lustre to painted and powder coated surfaces. This is the thicker and slightly softer of the two coatings providing high levels of UV protection and anti-oxidant’s to prevent fade and corrosion to coloured finishes and metals.

Ideal for:

  • Painted Metals

  • Powder coated 

  • G.R.P

  • Brass (polished)

  • Copper (polished)

Satin Version

For certain projects such as corten (rusty metals) and dull items that you do not want to appear too shinny then you should choose our SATIN version.

Please note that you must "Shake Well before applying.

Ideal for:

  • Rusty Metals

  • Bare rough finished metals 

  • Dull Metals

  • Brass (Aged dull)

  • Copper (Aged Dull)

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