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Hull Protection

Hull Protection

Antifoul Alternative.
Protect your hull and the environment.

Barnacles, Algae and other organisms growing on your hull can cause problems and damage.  Our Antifoul alternative coating provides protection for your hull, while also being kinder to the environment than traditional options.

Boats that are moored in a Marina will tend to get build up of algae and barnacles on the hull, and on the deck, unless an antifoul coating or paint has been applied to the hull.

 It is as important to keep these areas free of algae not only for aesthetic reasons, but also to ensure the efficiency of the hull through the water and to prevent damage.

Traditional antifoul products make use of copper to stop the growth on the hull, however this copper leeches from the paint and into the marine habitat where is causes unintentional harm to marine fauna and flora.
Our Antifoul Alternative does not contain copper.  

Our Antifoul Alternative Coating also contains protection against UV, Bleaches, Bird droppings and acid rain, meaning you can also coat the topsides of your hull and add a level of protection to the whole boat.

Benefits of our Antifoul Alternative Coating:

  • Does not leech toxins into the marine environment

  • Dries crystal clear to allow for any colour hull you wish

  • Dries smooth and reduces the drag of the hull

  • Damaged areas can easily be repaired as the coating is self-levelling and self-annealing 

  • Option to continue applying the coating on the topsides if you wish to add UV protection to the rest of the hull

Protected hull vs unprotected hull

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