Hull Protection

Hull Protection

Unsightly tide marks

on your Hull?

GRP Aluminium or Steel Hulls


Algae can cause problems

Boats that are moored in a Marina will tend to get algae build up on the hull but and on the deck, and all other areas that are exposed to the water. It is as important to keep these areas free of algae as well as the hull not only for aesthetic reasons but also because of safety,as you are more than aware surface covered with algae can be slippery and cause dangerous. A build up of algae on the hull can affect the performance through the water. 

Boat owner should prevent algae build up on all parts of the boat structure. Until now the only way to achieve this this is to scrub and deep clean the entire boat. Understanding how algae forms and the sort of damage it can cause if not removed regularly.

A clean and protected hull

improves performance