Seal Corten steel everbrite coatings
Seal Corten steel everbrite coatings

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Everbrite protects Corten
Everbrite protects Corten

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Rusty Lockers
Rusty Lockers

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Seal Corten steel everbrite coatings
Seal Corten steel everbrite coatings

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Seal in the

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Corten & Rusty Steel

Corten Care Range

Our range of Corten Care products are perfect if you like the way that rusted metal looks on your sculpture or architectural feature but hate the way that rust stains. Or, you are looking to create a patina and accelerate the natural corrosion of Corten steel?

Rusted metal, including weathered steel and Corten, is a rising trend in architecture and art. Architects all over the world are embracing rust-weathered steel to enhance the patina. Unfortunately, rusted metal can cause stains that drip onto areas under the metal. CT-7571-T seals rusted metal to prevent further rusting and prevents the rust drip and staining problems.

CT-7571-T Coating will seal rust prevent stains from getting on clothing or dripping on surfaces below the rusted objects. Rusted metal will stain buildings. 



CT-7571-T Coating will seal the rusted metal, stop the rusting process and will protect the metal from further corrosion.

Rusted metal is porous so care must be taken to ensure that the metal is completely clean and dry. Blooming rust should be knocked down and a solvent used to help remove contaminants like grease or oils and the solvent will help draw out moisture.
Coating and sealing moisture in the pores of metal can cause failure of any coating.

CT-7571-T Coating provides the following benefits to rusted metal with every application:

  • Eliminate staining of surrounding areas from unsightly runoff and stains. Rusty drips on other substrates can ruin the look of a building.

  • Eliminate transfer of rust to people (hands & clothing).

  • Extend the life of the steel by protecting from further corrosion.

  • Give the surface a more finished, purposeful look.

  • Excellent adhesion on naturally or artificially rusted surfaces.

  • Everbrite is self annealing and will blend to itself to create complete protection.

  • Everbrite is available in a Standard finish, and a Satin finish.

CT-7571-T will seal rusted metal to prevent further corrosion and will prevent rust stains. On most metals, two coats of Everbrite Clear Protective Coating are recommended. On raw steel or rusted metal, 3 to 4 coats are recommended because the metal is very porous. Everbrite will seal the metal and will look great for years and can be maintained indefinitely. The metal MUST be completely dry before applying the coating.

If you are looking to actively weather your Corten steel project, then we have developed an accelerator agent called XL-08.

XL-08 can be applied to bare Corten steel using a brush to ensure the solution gets in to the surface of the metal.  Once applied, ensure you monitor the effects of the accelerator until you reach the desired effect.  you may wish to add water to ensure the surface does not dry up.  You can also add more XL-08 if needed.
Once the surface has been weathered to the desired effect, rinse off the XL-08 with fresh, clean water and allow the metal to air dry.  If you are short on time, then you can flash dry the surface with isopropyl alcohol.
Before applying CT-7571-T, ensure the surface has been neutralised.  We recommend using our Prep 505 cleaning and preparation fluid for this job.


How many coats do I need to apply? 
Rusted metal is very porous. The amount of CT-7571-T necessary to encapsulate the rust will depend on the depth of the rust. Using a Prep Pad or other slightly abrasive pad can remove blooming or thick rust will help to smooth out the metal but will still look rusted.


How do I clean and prep the metal for the coating?
CT-7571-T is easy to apply. Clean the surface to remove any lose particles and ensure no contaminants are on the surface. Next apply CT-7571-T. It is best NOT to use any water while cleaning. If necessary, use solvent to clean the surface. The rusted metal MUST be completely clean and DRY. CT-7571-T can be dabbed on with the lint free cloths provided, painted on with a brush, sprayed on or rolled on with a high density roller used for gloss paint. One to two coats are recommended on rusted metal because the metal is very porous and will absorb the coating.


What makes CT-7571-T stand out from alternative options? 
CT-7571-T was developed by Bromoco International specifically for Corten steel and its increased use in architectural designs, sculptures, and home garden installations.
We had customers asking for a solutions to not only speed up the natural weathering of the steel, but also allow designers to create a patina that no longer corrodes or leaches and, as such, allows for colourful and creative installations.

CT-7571-T kits

XL-08 and Prep 505