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Kit contains everything required to protect a number of jewellery items such as larger rings, earings, bracelets, broaches, pendants, medallions etc.

ProtectaClear is a crystal clear protective coating which is self-levelling and self-annealing. It is a H8 on a hardness test in comparison to granite which is a H6. It is not a lacquer that will darken or yellow and it will keep the copper or brass surface looking freshly polished. The coating has an indefinite shelf life, provided it is stored sealed. It also has an indefinite shelf, provided it is stored sealed.
Acheive the look you require and apply one coat of ProtectaClear to seal this look. Maintainable indefinitely.
Kit includes:
300ml flask of ProtectaClear Coating

3x Lint free applicator cloths
150ml bottle of Prep 505.

1x Microfiber cloth

Large Jewellery Kit

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