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Restore UPVC Windows & Doors

Transform your old grey UPVC Windows Brand New at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

UPVC white windows dull and discolour over years and the cost of replacement may run into thousands of pounds. Our cost effective solution will not only restore the whiteness and shine but will protect your windows from re-fading and dis-colouring for many years ahead. The finished surface is easily cleaned with a damp cloth. Your windows will be resistant to Acid, bleach, discolouration, bird droppings and will be maintainable indefinitely.



UPVC Windows, Doors,Conservatories  

Restoration, Cleaning & Coating


EVERBRITE UPVC Window Kits clean and restore stained, faded, discoloured or just tired looking UPVC, bringing the new look finish back and adding long lasting protection plus the benefit of easy cleaning and maintenance in the future.

Up to 10 Years Protection

Our unique process does not use strong solvents or harsh abrasives that damage the UPVC and actually degrade the surface making the problem worse and the discolouration more frequent. Our system is used commercially because it offers a solution that works, once cleaned and correctly prepared the crystal clear EVERBRITE coating will restore your windows, doors, conservatories or soffits, fascias & gutters to the original bright finish, they will have that new look again.

Our Window kits give you all the products you need in one easy to use kit.

Simply measue all the sides of your window and the multipy by the width of the frame to calculate the total area.






            Total Length 5m

         e= 0.2m or 20cm Width

             1000 x 0.2 = 1m2



Small KIT      =    2.5 m2

Medium Kit  =   5     m2

Large KIt       =   12   m2

How to calculate which size kit you will need

Try Our Excel



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